Sgi octane service manual

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Silicon Graphics® Octane® and Octane2 VPro. - Much of the information here pertains to older SGI machines and IRIX in general, but I aim to constrain this page within the scope of the Indo. The name "Silicon Graphics", "SGI", that funky SGI cube-logo, and anything else I'm overlooking are registered trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc. The Silicon Graphics IRIS Indo is a UNIX workstation, used principly for 3D graphics, manufactured between 19. Silicon Graphics, Octane, and IRIX are registered trademarks, and SGI the SGI logo. electricity; you must wear the wrist strap while replacing parts inside the.

Herb's SGI and Sun equipment - The Indo Page serves as a directory of information pertaining to the Indo-class UNIX workstations, manufactured by Silicon Graphics (SGI) between 19. I'm creating this page with the best of intentions, but if you find something wrong, it's probably my fault. (I don't actively maintain this page anymore, although I will make corrections if you send them my way.) Also, this site has no affiliation with Silicon Graphics, Inc., the company. The SGI O2's are particularly fragile, I've seen them break like. SGI parts for Indy Also ask about parts pulled from systems listed above.

SGI cal Advice and Information. For regular use, however, the Indo is still very capable, and it's become very popular among computer hobbyists, even for everyday use. Ian's SGI Depot FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades. SGI Dital Media Options Overview from O2/Octane to Onyx/Orin3000 270K PDF.

SGI Octane - pedia The orinal is located at: Generic disclaimers: I apologize if any links below are outdated or broken. The SGI Octane with IMPACT-class graphics was first supported by IRIX version 6.4. VPro-class graphics have been.

Technolust The Indo Page Silicon Graphics - SGI Its practical uses as a graphical workstation have long-since been eclipsed by bargain-basement PCs, and technologiy, the Indo has been left in the dust. The name "Silicon Graphics", "SGI", that funky SGI cube-logo, and anything else. These parts will determine 1 what size of monitor your Indo can. They can still make cool computers -- the Octane2 is a testimony to this.

OCTANE2 Workstation Owner's Guide For its time, it had unparalleled graphics performance for a desktop workstation. OCTANE2, VPro, IRIX Interactive Desktop, Power Fortran Accelerator, IRIS InSht. Installing and Removing Internal Drives and Front Module Parts 159.

SGI O2 - pedia (With lots of help from sources, both human and online.) It was orinally published in 4/98 and gets updated whenever time permits. I try to keep everything in shape, but like everyone else, I enjoy moving on to new things. Several operating systems support the O2. IRIX 6.3 or 6.5.x native platform. Linux port is working, but some drivers are.

Obsolete SGI Octane - Obsolete Hardware The Octane series is a really powerful desktop system from SGI. you should assure that it really does by reading the manual before plugging it to an Octane.

Sgi octane service manual:

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