P168 quadband cell phone manual

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User Guide - Kyocera Mobile If you're too lazy to manually tinker with the settings, however, you could opt to text SET to 211 and follow the instructions. User Guide. Set Up Your Phone. 5. Insert the Battery. Turn Your Phone On and Off.

Any experience with Dhgate.com? - Dital Point Forums Once you've entered the values stated above, you'll need to activate them. If they were the real deal, why use fake ebay user. to DHgate on the 7th of July for a sample sirocco 8800 mobile phone. The iphones CECT P168 may look promising but are utterly cheap. No English manual, etc etc. Even if its tri-band or quad-band, you will have limited functions.

USEr GUIdE - US Cellular Tk116 new model Vehicle tracking device with 200MAh battery could change IMEI number. About this user guide. Thank you for choosing LG. Please carefully read this user guide before using the device for the first time to ensure safe and proper use.

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P168 quadband cell phone manual:

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