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redman0777   14-Aug-2017 22:32   Комментариев к записи Field manual 19-30 - physical security 7 *This publication supersedes FM 19-30, 1 March 1979. REFERENCES 1 Headquarters, Department of the Army, ”Physical Security Field Manual no.3-19-30”, Washington, DC, 8 January, USA, 2001.

FM 19-30 - Physical Security - ENLISTMENT. US FM 3-19.30 Page Chapter 5 PHYSICAL-SECURITY LHTING 5-1 Overview 5-1 Commander's Responsibility 5-1 Planning Considerations 5-2 Principles of Security Lhting 5-3 Types of Lhting 5-4 Wiring Systems 5-5 Maintenance 5-6 Chapters ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS 6-1 Overview 6-1 ESS Desn Considerations 6-2 Interior ESS Considerations 6-7 Exterior ESS Considerations 6-8 ESS Alarm-Annunciation System 6-12 ESS Software 6-17 Interior Intrusion-Detection Sensors 6-18 Exterior Intrusion-Detection Sensors 6-29 Electronic Entry Control 6-39 Application Guidelines 6-42 Performance Criteria 6-43 Data Transmission 6-44 CCTV for Alarm Assessment and Surveillance 6-45 Chapter? This page contains the US Army Field Manual 19-30 on Physical Security.

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Physical security - pedia PHYSICAL-SECURITY CHALLENGES 1-1 Overview 1-1 Automated Information Systems 1-1 OPSEC and tine TInreat 1-3 Chapter2 THE SYSTEMS APPROACH 2-1 Protective Systems 2-1 Systems Development 2-2 The Integrated Protective System 2-5 Security Threats 2-6 Chapters DESN APPROACH 3-1 Desn Strategies 3-1 Protective Measures 3-1 Vehicle Bombs 3-2 Exterior Attack 3-10 Standoff Weapons 3-13 Ballistics 3-16 Forced Entry 3-17 Covert Entry and Insider Compromise 3-19 Surveillance and Eavesdropping 3-20 Mail and Supply Bombs 3-22 Chemical and Biological Contamination 3-24 Chapter 4 PROTECTIVE BARRIERS 4-1 Overview 4-1 Fencing 4-2 Utility Openings 4-5 Other Perimeter Barriers 4-5 Security Towers 4-5 Installation Entrances 4-6 Warning Sns 4-8 Other Sns 4-8 Installation Perimeter Roads and Clear Zones 4-8 Arms-Facility Structural Standards 4-9 Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Physical security describes security measures that are desned to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources. Field Manual 3-19.30.

Keith A. Pachulski, Security Consultant - Entries from October 2014 | Army History | AT4 | Army Programs | Awards and Decorations | Battle Focused Training | Camo and Concealment | CBRN | Chain of Command | Code of Conduct | Communications | Counseling | Customs and courtesies | Desert Operations | Drill and Ceremony | Field Sanitation | First Aid | Flags | Geneva Convention | Guard Duty | Hand Grenades | Land Navation | Leadership | Leaves and Passes | M11 | M16 | M18A1 | M2 | M203 | M240B | M249 | M4 | M60 | M72 | M9 | Maintenance | Military Justice | MK19 | NCO Duties. If you are interested in getting started with understanding physical security and performing physical security type assessments, I. Field Manual 3-19.30. % FM 3-19.30 (Formerly FM 19-30) Physical Security J Headquarters, Department of the Army DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. 3-19.30 *FM 3-19.30 (FM 19-30) Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 8 January 2001 PHYSICAL SECURITY Contents Page PREFACE vi Chapter! Index-1 v Preface This field manual FM sets forth guidance for all personnel responsible for physical. 1-2 Physical-Security Challenges FM 3-19.30 •. ACCESS CONTROL 7-1 Desnated Restricted Areas 7-1 Employee Screening 7-4 Identification System 7-4 Duress Code 7-10 Access-Control Rosters 7-10 Methods of Control 7-10 Security Controls of Packages, Personal Property, and Vehicles 7-1 1 Tactical-Environment Considerations 7-12 Chapters LOCK AND KEY SYSTEMS 8-1 Installation and Maintenance 8-1 Types of Locking Devices 8-1 Chapters SECURITY FORCES 9-1 Types of Security Forces 9-1 Authority and Jurisdiction 9-2 Personnel Selection 9-3 Security Clearance 9-3 Organization and Employment of Forces 9-4 Headquarters and Shelters 9-4 Execution of Security Activities 9-5 Training Requirements 9-6 Supervision 9-7 Uniforms 9-8 Vehicles 9-9 Firearms 9-9 FM 3-19.30 Page Communications 9-9 Misceiianeous Equipment 9-9 Miiitary Working Dogs 9-10 Summary 9-10 Chapter 10 IN-TRANSIT SECURITY 10-1 In-Port Cargo 10-1 Raii Cargo 10-4 Pipeiine Cargo 10-6 Convoy Movement 10-7 Chapter 11 INSPECTIONS AND SURVEYS 11-1 Inspections 1 1-1 Surveys 11-2 Appendix A METRIC CONVERSION CHART A-1 Appendix B SAMPLE INSTALLATION CRIME-PREVENTION HANDBOOK B-1 Section I — Installation Crime-Prevention Programs B-1 Crime-Prevention Working s B-1 Crime-Prevention Officers B-2 Crime-Prevention Program Development B-2 Training B-5 Civilian Crime-Prevention Organizations B-5 Section II — Criminal Analysis B-5 Sources of Information B-6 Individual Criminal Analysis B-9 Criminal-Analysis Procedures B-1 5 Criminal-Analysis Summary B-1 7 Section III — Command and Law-Enforcement Countermeasures B-1 7 Crime Hot Lines B-17 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Desn B-18 Specialized Patrol Tactics and Surveillance B-25 Publicity Campans B-30 Residential-Security Surveys B-31 Juvenile Crime Prevention B-34 Fraud B-47 Internal Theft B-52 Pilferage B-53 Section IV — Army Property at the Local Level B-61 Motor Vehicles B-61 Consumer Outlets B-63 Arson B-66 Section V — Community Crime-Prevention Programs B-67 Nehborhood Watch Program B-67 Operation ID B-71 Nehborhood Walks B-74 Vilantism B-75 Mobile Patrols B-76 Project Lock B-76 Section VI — Evaluation B-79 III FM 3-19.30 Page Crime-Prevention Programs B-79 Crime Rates B-83 Measures of Effectiveness B-84 Internai Measures B-85 Appendix C INTELLENCE, COUNTERINTELLENCE, AND THREAT ANALYSIS C-1 Information Sources C-1 Responsibilities of US Government Lead Agencies C-2 Information Requirements C-4 Threat Analysis and Assessment C-5 Determination of the Threat Level C-6 Appendix D CRISIS-MANAGEMENT PLAN D-1 Appendix E OFFICE SECURITY MEASURES E-1 Physical-Security Survey E-1 Security-Engineering Assessment E-1 cal Assessment of Responses E-2 Physical-Security Enhancement Measures E-2 Appendix F PHYSICAL-SECURITY PLAN F-1 Annexes F-6 Tactical-Environment Considerations F-7 Appendix G PERSONAL-PROTECTION MEASURES G-1 Personal Protection G-1 Working Environment G-2 Home Environment G-4 Appendix H BOMBS H-1 General H-1 Concealing Bombs H-1 Damage and Casualty Mechanisms H-1 Telephonic Threats H-3 Evacuation Drills H-3 Searching for a Suspected l ED H-6 Appendix I EXECUTIVE PROTECTION 1-1 Supplemental Security Measures 1-1 Executive Protection Goals 1-1 Residential Security Measures 1-2 Transportation Measures 1-4 Individual Protective Measures 1-7 Combating-Terrorism Training for Executives 1-10 Travel to Potential Physical-Threat Risk Areas 1-10 Protective Security Details 1-10 Executive-Protection System Integration 1-12 Appendix J RESOURCE MANAGEMENT J-1 Funding Programs J-1 IV FM 3-19.30 Page Projected Requirements J-1 Oblation Plan J-1 Types of Appropriations J-2 Appendix K VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT K-1 Assessment Considerations K-1 THREATCON Levels K-2 Assessing Vulnerability K-3 GLOSSARY Glossary-1 BIBLIOGRAPHY Bibliography-1 INDEX lndex-1 Preface This field manual (FM) sets forth guidance for all personnel responsible for physical security. Perimeter Security Veil PSV Prepared on May 23, 2006 Introduction According to U. S. Army Field Manual FM 3-19-30, Physical Security.

Field Manual No. 19-30 *FM 19-30 Headquarters Department of the. This publication supersedes FM 19-30, 3 November 1971, including all changes. nate physical security matters AR 190-13. In short, the physical security. Security video cameras capture the video image at 60 or 30. physical security products, especially cameras, without having an understanding of the field.

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