Manual antenna switch box

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Antenna Switches - Knhts CB Operation with non-certified peripherals is likely to result in interference to radio and TV reception. An automatic 2-way antenna switch, allowing you to operate 2 radios on a single. antenna to your radio as soon as you transmit, no manual switching required.

Magnadyne VCS-3 3 Position Cable Antenna Switch Box A cable from the power supply plugs into a jack on the back of the console. Magnadyne VCS-3 3 Position Cable Antenna Switch Box. 134mm W x 40mm H x 73mm D. View & Download Magnadyne VCS-3 User's Manual.

Inside an Ameritron RCS-4 Coax Switch Relay & Control Box. The Intellivision II also has a single ON/OFF/RESET button and features detachable hand controllers. I recently purchased a ham radio tower and it had a remote coax switch mounted to it. It is the Ameritron RCS-4 Coax Switch which is a remote.

Micro SIX SWITCH The SEARS TELE-GAMES SUPER VIDEO ARCADE version of the Intellivision features detachable hand controllers. Micro SIX SWITCH "antenna switch" is a remotely operated. Then using 4 short screws and lock washers 4 install the box of the antenna switch. nece, user modifications or failure to follow the user manual.

Hi-Z Wireless Remote Switch Control Set Hi-Z W/L. - Hi-Z Antennas OPEN THE CARTON AND YOU WILL FIND THESE PARTS: The INTELLIVISION II also includes an external 16.2 VAC power supply that plugs into an electrical outlet. In this manual the W/L reference means Wireless. New from Hi-Z Antennas is a pair of boxes that function as a remote switch. These boxes provide all the.

Home Brew Things - Warning: This equipment has been certified to comply with the limits for a Class B computing device pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC rules. Yet, for the most part, antennas and transmitting gear were still home brewed. Most manual and automatic controllers don't have an amplifier bypass. The simple looking rocker switch shown at rht is an i-Box® which used to be made by.

ELAD ASW-1 ANTENNA SWITCHBOX RX-TX Only peripherals (computer input/output devices, terminals, printers, etc.) certified to comply with the Class B limits may be attached to this computer. RF & AF RX/TX Automatic Exchanger ELAD SWITCH BOX is an automatic T/R switch senses trasmitted RF 100W max and switches your antenna from receive.

Intellivision Owner's Manual - Intellivision Lives The Antenna Switch Box enables you to use your television set for either regular television.

<b>Antenna</b> <b>Switches</b> - Knhts CB
Magnadyne VCS-3 3 Position Cable <em>Antenna</em> <em>Switch</em> <em>Box</em>
Inside an Ameritron RCS-4 Coax <strong>Switch</strong> Relay & Control <strong>Box</strong>.
Micro SIX <em>SWITCH</em>
Hi-Z Wireless Remote <strong>Switch</strong> Control Set Hi-Z W/L. - Hi-Z <strong>Antennas</strong>
Home Brew Things -

Manual antenna switch box:

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